Edson Hernández

On November 18, 1998 Group Autism Angeles becoming the first group for parents focused on providing information to the Hispanic community in their language is based. This allows a large group of parents, siblings, relatives and people with autism to access information that will help in the process of achieving the best quality of life.

Edson Hernández
The idea of founding the group began after receiving the diagnosis of autism for our son, Edson. Edson was 18 months and we found the task of finding information on our language a difficult journey in itself. When were first given the diagnosis, as we were all told, "your son / daughter has autism," we started asking these common questions: “What is that? Will it go away? But it looks normal? Why did this happen? Whose fault is it?” So many questions were asked, but few answers were given.

My wife received information through Martha Gallegos who works for Comfort Connection, but it wasn’t recent at that time. For my part, I went to conferences of Autism Society of America, but all the information was in English. The books sold were great resources but when asked if they had books in translated in Spanish, all they had was a small booklet with information from 10 years ago at that time.

Returning, I told my wife the need to find information in our language. A brother of mine thankfully found information on a website in Spain and that was how we found many answers to our questions. We saw what autism was, what therapies can receive our children, etc.

When we started collecting all this information we learned that there were more families like ours, whose children had been diagnosed with autism and needed information that could access. In those days Martha Gallegos, suggested that we form a group of autism in Spanish with support from the Regional Center of Orange County. And that was how the group began. With only five families in the first meeting was assembled to decide the group name, the days we were having our meetings and time.

José Luis & Gloria Hernández Fundadores

Among Lucy Neshat , Diana Barrantes , the Regional Center, and we managed to make the first book in Spanish resource for parents who have children with autism. This book contained all the latest Orange County County information. Due to the constant growth of the group, we became a nonprofit organization. For our group have spent more than 500 families. We received families visiting from the San Fernando Valley, Fontana, San Juan Capistrano, Moreno Valley , and Los Angeles.

It is gratifying to know that now, after 17 years of the original idea Grupo de Autismo Angeles, have formed several groups of supports in Spanish in the state of California.

Again , welcome , and we hope you found answers about our organization

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