The Fuentes Family

Our Angelito Steven was diagnosed and began receiving early intervention from 18 months of age, thanks to the intuition of  his mother, my dear wife Marisela. After receiving the diagnosis from a neurologist at such a young age, the Neurologist referred us to the regional center and then the regional center referred us to our family "group Autism Angels". Thank God that brought us to this great family on our way. It has helped us to accept the diagnosis, to assimilate and to give us the strength and dedication to fight for our son. I thank God and Grupo de Autismo Angeles for their contribution.

We are still preparing, attending monthly meetings of all Angeles Group, which are very educational, because you never stop learning. Thanks Gloria and Jose Luis for giving us the tools and the key that little by little we are helping to open the doors to the independence of our Angelito Steven. God bless and all the families of the Angeles Group continue to give us the strength to attend monthly meetings and never give up.

Sincerely, Famlia Fuentes

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