The Limon Family

Etzel is a beautiful smiling and happy 11-year-old, likes to ride in the car, go to the store, play on the beach and watching movies, you can use verbal communication to order food, water, toys, we can go a restaurant and eat a burger without any problems. Etzel has autism and cerebral palsy, and cannot walk by himself but Etzel is a happy child.

But it was not always so.  Four years ago we come from Mexico, when Etzel was totally different, did not speak, cried almost all the time and self-assaulted much, we could not go to a restored without leaving a big tantrum and food bowl head, came to this country when we did not know where to go or what services had for our child.

We felt totally disoriented and lost. We found a brochure that spoke of Grupo Angels; Gloria, the founder of the group, listen to me and talked to me patiently. We were invited to our first conversation and since then, we are there every month. In Group Autism Angeles we have received much guidance and information on various topics such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), sexual education in adolescents with autism, such as preventing depression, services and agencies to our children, to mention some of the issues. Each seminar helped us a lot. The services received my son and guidance and education we have received as parents, they have undoubtedly been a great help to the progress and change we've seen in our child. Living with other people who have a similar problem makes us feel that we are in a family.

We are very happy with our son, he has taught us to be strong and to move forward despite the great obstacles; we love and admire. We admire your effort every day to understand more our world, to communicate, to control their hypersensitivity with a simple phrase "and will happen"  his wanting to go from one place to another even though their motor skills is difficult in your body, we admire to smile despite everything.

Thanks Etzel to come into our lives.
Thank you Grupo Angeles for being with us on this path.

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