The Family Morales

Hello my name is Karina Morales and I am mom of 4 children, two boys and two girls. David looked like a normal baby, but the only problem I see is that was two years old and did not speak. I told this to his father, but he said I was crazy. After many discussions I decided to take David to the doctor and I was referred to the Regional Centre, after several studies in November 2002, I was given the diagnosis that David had autism, I wanted to help but did not know how.
In January 2003, I separated from his father, as well as having many problems as a couple, we did not share the same ideas about David. Trying to seek help contact the Regional Center but there was a lot of information, I felt very desperate, finally after several months my worker Regional Center called me and told me there was a camp where they were to provide information about autism in 2004. It was at that camp where I met an "Angel".

A lady (Martha Mora) approached me and told me they had a support group for parents of children with autism, invited me to the meeting and it was really when I found that support and not only that, all the information to help my son. It's been 7 years and our lives have changed "Thank God," and this wonderful "Grupo de Autism Angeles", we meet once a month and each talk is focused on the needs of our children, therapies, services, testimonials from own other parents on how to handle the behaviors of our children. "We really are one big family".

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