Familia Riva

My present is my son, and his name is Kevin. Our story begins nine years ago when a beautiful child, his intelligence and liveliness to surprise was growing. However after two years he began to lose his ability to speak, using the toilet, play, share with family. The diagnosis came after my son had autism. So holding hands started our journey into the unknown. With the support of my family, friends and those who have found our way, the road full of obstacles became an opportunity to learn and acquire the knowledge to help the most important person in my life, my son.

The Grupo de Autismo Angeles has given us the opportunity to meet other families with stories that have been an encouragement in our daily battle, have shared concerns and we have benefited from monthly conferences that have given us the tools so that through knowledge enjoy each stage of the life of our children.

Thanks Gloria and Jose Luis for his tremendous effort on growing and keep together this great family Angeles Autism Group, its history of success with Edson is a role model of dedication, patience and love.

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