The Valencia Family

In January 2004 we received the diagnosis that would change our lives, Autism a word that made us isolate ourselves from the world, my wife and I did not want to hear anymore because it hurt to know that our son would be different.  We heard that there were support groups, but preferred being away from them, so as to lead a life as normal as possible, eventually we isolate increasingly more cruel because heard, or one's family understands the behavior of our children.

We continue our lives as far away from the people around us and we did not feel they understood our language (IEP, Speech, OT, etc.) But a great day of summer 2006, we went to Santa Ana Zoo saw a sign with the word autism, said group autism Angeles, went to talk to them, we were invited to the monthly meeting that day changed our lives, we realized that our island, more people there, who spoke our language and had more words that would add to they knew, including ABA for us has been the most important, it is what has helped more Mathew.

Also as the slogan says more than an organization ... a big family. We meet one day a month to eat, talk and spend the whole afternoon, and another day for the conference of the month, that fills us with information on how to help our children, our rights, therapies, ABA, etc.

Finally I would like to add something, Mathew is different but he showed me to love without asking anything in return. Because different is "BEST" for us.

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